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This is the most Powerful Way to Clean Tiles and Grout using Baking Soda

Clean bathroom Tiles using Baking Soda

Find out how to clean a bathroom with our favourite homemade bathroom cleaner.

I’m not sure anyone enjoys cleaning their bathroom tiles. If you know someone that does, please send them my way! Obviously professional housekeeping companies have several tools and advance kind of equipment. But you can do this job as good as a professional when you know the following tip.

Without cleaning, your grout changes from a clear white to an unappealing brown. Since bathroom tiles attract lot of dust and dirt it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it clean. Mold can start out as just a small spot and become an unsightly, disgusting sight. In severe cases, it can become a health hazard.

Did you know that you can easily make an effective cleaning agent yourself? This homemade tile cleaner can be made with just 4 inexpensive household ingredients and will leave your bathroom sparkling clean.

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be toxic.

While using harsh chemicals might help remove dirt and grime from the tiles, they could damage the tiles and discolour and disfigure them. You can clean bathroom tiles using most common ingredients already available at your house. With a few simple steps you will have a clean, fresh bathroom.

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