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Top 5: These Are the World’s Most Expensive Watches

most expensive watches in the world

These watches are more expensive than a Lamborghini

The 5 most expensive watches in the world make you think that time is money! When talking about precious timepieces, most people will think of brands like Rolex or Breitling. A Rolex watch can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars! But these clocks are a bargain compared to the top 5 that we have listed here for you.

Most of these watches are unique pieces and in are the possession of the richest people in the world. Who will blame them? Watches are a status symbol and a work of art. When you belong to the wealthiest circles on our planet, you must wear an expensive and unique clock around your wrist to be part of it.

These tickers are extremely costly because they are made of the most valuable materials such as gold, diamonds and platinum. In addition, the watches are often one of a kind so complex that it takes weeks to make one single watch. Curious about the value of the most expensive watch in the world? Read on!

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