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12 Great WD-40 Uses for Around the House

2. Winterproof boots and shoes

Waterproof your winter boots and shoes by giving them a coat of WD-40. Coat your shoes or boots with some WD-40 to prevent water from getting in. You can spray your entire shoe to give it a waterproof barrier. Just keep in mind that WD-40 is flammable and should not be used in closed spaces.

WD-40 Uses shoes

3. Remove tough scuff marks

If mopping doesn’t remove scuff marks from the floor, try spraying some WD-40 on the marks. Those tough black scuff marks on your kitchen floor won’t be so tough anymore if you spray them with WD-40. Spray some on a cloth and use it to easily wipe away scuff marks. The lubricant shouldn’t harm the floor, but test in an inconspicuous place if you’re concerned.

4. Clean toilet bowls

We bet you never thought of one of these WD-40 uses: you don’t need a bald genie or a specialized product to clean ugly gunk and lime stains from your toilet bowl. Remove lime stains from the toilet bowl by spraying in some WD-40. Wipe it down with a toilet brush to get rid of gunk and lime buildup and flush.

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