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12 Great WD-40 Uses for Around the House

10. Remove “paint rub” from another car

If another car got a bit too close and left a small paint scuff on your car, a little WD-40 may do the trick. To remove paint-rub stains on your car and restore its original finish, spray the affected area with WD-40, wait a few seconds, and wipe with a clean rag.

11. Clean oil spots from driveway

Did a leaky oil pan leave a big ugly spot in the middle of your concrete driveway? WD-40 helps in maintaining the cleanliness and look of your driveway. If there’s an ugly oil spot on your garage floor or the driveway, give the spot a good coat with WD-40 then hose it down.

12. Prevent water stains on glass doors

You won’t believe how shiny WD-40 can make your shower door. After cleaning, spray some WD-40 on your glass shower doors to prevent water stains from accumulating. Let it sit for 20 minutes before wiping off. Your bathroom will look better than ever!

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