High Blood Pressure: 7 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

1. You have frequent headaches

Everyone experiences headaches occasionally. There are many different reasons for a headache and it is not always a serious issue. However, do you regularly wake up in the morning with pain in the back of your head? This could be a sign of high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

2. You’re feeling dizzy

Being light headed and feeling dizzy could be pointers to high blood pressure. If you are not feeling well and experience dizziness of almost fainting, please consult your general practitioner. Sudden dizziness, loss of balance or coordination and trouble walking are all warning signs of a stroke. High blood pressure is a leading risk factor for stroke.

3. Blurry vision could be caused by high blood pressure

The veins in your eyes are very tiny. These capillaries are the first to suffer under high blood pressure. Overpressure in these veins could lead to trouble with your vision. Blurry vision could therefore be an indicator of high blood pressure.

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  • Or if like a doctor I saw took my blood pressure commented that it was really high and that I’d never had high blood pressure before, gave me a prescription for blood pressure tablets didn’t ask me to come back to keep a check and then suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage around a month or so later, if I had been kept an eye on would this have been prevented? Just lucky to be alive!

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