High Blood Pressure: 7 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

6. You are experiencing shortness of breath

Because your heart is working on overtime you may notice shortness of breath. The high blood pressure is giving your circulatory system problems. Your body needs oxygen rich blood to keep your organs and muscles going. This can make you run out of breath.

7. Ringing of the ears is a possibility

Ringing of the ears is the constant perception of sound without having external sound present. It is also known as tinnitus. This is caused when the hearing area in your brain is not functioning properly, for example caused by high blood pressure.

Have you measured high blood pressure for multiple times? Then always make an appointment with your general practitioner. Only they are qualified to determine the scope of the high blood pressure and give advice about follow up steps. If you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor may recommend taking 1 or more medicines to keep it under control.

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  • Or if like a doctor I saw took my blood pressure commented that it was really high and that I’d never had high blood pressure before, gave me a prescription for blood pressure tablets didn’t ask me to come back to keep a check and then suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage around a month or so later, if I had been kept an eye on would this have been prevented? Just lucky to be alive!

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