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9 Horrible Things You Didn’t Know About Penguins

2. Penguin prostitution is a thing

As the weather warms, the Adélie penguins’ simple stone nests face the danger of becoming flooded. Females go on the hunt for fresh pebbles to shore up their parental investment. Some females have learned to avoid getting beaten up by possessive pebble owners by targeting the nests of unsuccessful males living at the edge of the colony.  They mate with other males in exchange for stones. Some duplicitous females have started going through the elaborate courtship ritual to get the stones, and then running off before the male can mate.

3. Penguins are loud

All but two species of penguins breed in large colonies of up to one thousand birds. Penguins identify their mate or chick by an acoustic signal, the display call. Immagine a thousand penguins trying to find their mate or chick in a complete black and white sea of tuxedos. Marco? Polo? Yup, better cover your ears..

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