7 Things in Your Home You Should Never Clean with Vinegar
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7 Things You Should Never Clean with Vinegar

1. Smartphone, tablet of computer screen

There’s no doubt we all share some things in common, one of them being using at least of these devices each day. Once the screen gets blurry or you think it’s a good time to sanitize, these devices are filled with germs!

Do not use vinegar to clean your smartphone, tablet and laptop monitors. They have a thin layer of oleophobic coating that limits fingerprints and smudges, and acidic vinegar can strip this coating, causing the layers below to be exposed.

2. Natural stone / granite surfaces

Natural stone doesn’t react well to vinegar, or other acidic cleaning products (like ammonia or lemon). Because of the acid, vinegar can etch marble and granite.

For stone surfaces you should stick to special stone cleaning products. Some dishwashing liquid and warm water will also do the trick without the damage.

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