7 Things in Your Home You Should Never Clean with Vinegar
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7 Things You Should Never Clean with Vinegar

5. Tile Grout

You’ll find several articles that suggest cleaning your grout with vinegar. And while it will brighten it up, it could come at a cost. Grout that hasn’t been sealed or needs to be resealed should not have vinegar used on it. Grout is an alkaline substance, so if it is unsealed, vinegar’s acidity could eat away at it and decolour it over time.

6. Carpet Odours

Often vinegar is suggested to be used on pet stains on carpet, but it doesn’t work as well as an enzymatic carpet cleaner. Vinegar might mask the odour, but it won’t eliminate the reason for the odour.

7. Steam Iron

If you iron your clothes regularly (yes, some people still iron), then you know that cleaning your iron is necessary to keep it working. You’d think that if you wanted to clean your iron, you should pour some vinegar in it, right? Wrong! Vinegar can seriously damage the inner parts of an iron. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your iron.

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