Sniff Or Blow Your Nose, What Is Healthier?

Sniff or blow you nose

While it is typically associated with winter, the common cold can strike at any time of year. It’s fairly easy to catch a cold. Before you know it, you are surrounded with tissues, orange juice and nasal spray. No medicine seems to work, and the mucus cannot be stopped! Naturally you want to feel better fast. So, what is the healthier choice? Sniff or blow your nose?

It is a discussion in which humanity seems to be forever divided into two groups. Until now! Because the answer can be found here. Sniff or blow your nose? It is not just a matter of preference. One is indeed healthier than the other.

It’s not the most tasty story, but you naturally drain about half a liter of snot from your nose and sinuses every day. Your nose produces a little moisture to protect you from inhaling dust particles and harmful bacteria. This fluid is transferred through your throat to your stomach where the bacteria and dust are broken down.

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