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7 Reasons why you’ll never ever throw out used Coffee Grounds again.

Used Coffee Grounds

Did you know you can do a lot with used coffee grounds?

A lot of people can only get through the day with a few good cups of coffee. And we are quick to throw away the used coffee grounds after brewing a cup. But not many people know that it may have myriad uses. Did you know that this stuff is extremely useful? Our 7 favorite uses of used coffee grounds are simple, practical, and rewarding. Check them out and put your used grounds back to work.

1. Fertilizer

Used coffee grounds make an amazing fertilizer. Even after brewing a pot of coffee the grounds are still rich in nutrients that will make your plants and flowers really happy and healthy. Used grounds are rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. Be careful not to fertilize your plants too often with coffee because that has a counterproductive effect.

In addition, worms are attracted to coffee grounds.They are great for your garden; worms turn the soil and fertilize it with their own body processes.

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